If your organization educates, employs or connects Alaskans to rewarding careers that do not require four-year degrees, we want YOU as a partner.

Through the Alaska@Work initiative, Alaska Public Media hopes to amplify the great work organizations like you are doing to connect individuals to these opportunities.

How you can be involved

As a creative connector.
Introduce us to sources, settings, and people with fascinating stories that fit into the series framework and we will work to amplify your organization’s impact through the production and distribution of multimedia content (such as the videos seen here) at no cost to you.

As an amplifier.
Share our videos and posts via email, social media and organization’s website to increase audience reach and help further connect Alaskans with resources to help them start a rewarding career.

As a funder.
Enable Alaska Public Media to bring this important, mission-aligned storytelling to Alaska youth, their parents, teachers, counselors and leaders of business and manufacturing.

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Keeping up with the Alaska@Work Initiative

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Our private Facebook group serves as a collaboration hub for our partners. Within this group, you’ll find the latest Alaska @ Work content and resources, readily available to share!

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Tell us your story

If you or your organization have a story to tell (or leads on other community resources, and feedback on the initiative) please complete our form here. Stories submitted may be used to help develop new multimedia content!